Meet our People

Leaders driving force

We have a blend of leaders developed within the organization and those coming from various leading organizations steering us towards continual business success. Our leaders are always approachable and value the contributions of every employee.


We have always understood that our success as a company depends upon the full participation and contribution of our employees.

Jitendra Adhia

(President) Associated since 1992

It has been a wonderful experience to grow along with the organization I was privileged to experience the various phases of its life. Freedom and faith entrusted on me to explore my creativity potential, confidence and differences along with respect for strong value and humanity has been the center of attraction during the association. It is still my learning days as the journey started as a Trainee bas reached up to the level of President.

I am sure I am yet to serve my best to the organization which offers you to grow alongside.

Mansukh Chauhan

(Manager) Associated since 1992

I join as a supervisor and nom I am working as a Manager. In comparison to other companies, we have a cohesive work environment. In very small time, we have been able to stand at par the with major three wheeler companies, as a result of vision of our leaders and hard work of our team members.

According to me, with the support of our Management and team work our employees, we will be able to take our company to higher level.

Alpa Borsadia

(Manager) Associated since 2012

We are among the leading OEMs in Gujarat; it gives immense pleasure for me to be associated with such an Organization which has high ethical values and practices. Besides this, we have a friendly and supportive work environment with equal opportunities and freedom of expression.

Kishor Kacha

(Welder) Associated since 2011

Since last 3 years I am working in Fabrication shop at Atul Auto as a welder. Apart from being a welder I have learnt many things beyond, the operations carried out in PDI, CED and other departments. Employees are taken care of by good employee’s benefits, Social security and timely remunerations which make us concentrate and focus on our work and productivity. We start our day with a prayer to the almighty for our wellbeing with safety, peace and growth.

With the blessing of Almighty and efforts of our team members we are confident to become a top leader in three wheeler company in India.

Haresh Vasoya

(Senior Manager) Associated since 2011

Freedom, team work, excellent work environment and considerate management are the prerequisites for a Great organization! We have all these here, which make me proud to be a part of a growing organization.

Yagnesh Joshi

(Mechanic) Associated since 2001

I have been here since last 13 years, I have learned how to work and stay committed and focused in normal or during critical conditions. This has been an inspiration for me to face the challenges of life to attain personal and professional growth.

Jaydeep Deshani

(Senior Officer) Associated since 2008

My learning curve has been growing year on year in proportion to my professional growth. I had joined as an apprentice and I have had the opportunity to learn and develop myself in the organization as a professional.

Akhilesh Shivhare

(Assistant General Manager) Associated since 2012

My experience with company has been pleasant and productive. Company is focused towards the vision and goal oriented and believes in growing Leaders not Managers, which make employee feel proud to work with the organization. Equal opportunities and treatments are given to all the employees in a pyramid of organization, these results into self-encouragement to employees to achieve company’s goals as well as personal goals, which help them to work as a team.