It’s not what you have done, but what you keep doing which matters. Leaving behind a trail of success, milestones and landmarks that inspires the next generation leaders.

Back in the 1970’s when transportation was crucial problem especially in rural areas; one company became pioneer by inventing the ‘Chhakada’ – an iconic vehicle that became way of life for the people of Saurashtra.

The development was the brainchild of Late Shree Jagjivanbhai Karsanbhai Chandra, a dreamer, inventor, strategist & an ingenious master-mind who loved challenges.

Late Shree Jagjivanbhai’s innovative legacy was than preceded by his son Shree Jayantibhai Chandra, who made improvements in technologies & took his renowned father’s vision ahead. He introduced the diesel three wheeler ‘Chhakada’ with many new sturdy and comfortable features. Soon 150,000 ‘Chhakadas’ were plying all over Saurashtra region making it ease transportation for passenger and goods.

Our passion didn’t end with success of ‘Chhakada’. The group’s main focus was now to engineer similar product for semi-urban and urban markets. Soon ‘Shakti’ was introduced and was proven to be runaway success and other cargo & passenger commercial 3 Wheeler were also introduced under the brand name of ‘Shakti’. Atul has than introduced new models with brand names ‘Gem’ & ‘Gemini’ in passenger & cargo segments.

Atul Auto Ltd. – part of the Rs. 1.5 billion Atul Group – is Gujarat’s leading 3-wheeled commercial vehicle manufacturer.